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Marstons choose Culligan to install and service their water treatment equipment across many of their public houses in the UK. This video demonstrates the range of benefits having good quality water brings them and their customers.

When you’re running a busy successful restaurant you need high quality ingredients at good prices. Maintaining margins means making sure everything operates efficiently from you team to your equipment. Good water quality is an important consideration delivering longevity from your equipment as well as providing a high quality ingredient. We provide a range of water treatment from softening water in hard water areas to removing high levels of metals and salts to create potable water with improved taste.

Our technologies include reverse osmosis that filters water using advanced membrane technology to remove impurities through to water softeners that remove scale.

Hard water can leave stains on glassware and cutlery increasing the labour time required to make them sparkle. It can also increase energy usage and detergent usage during the washing process. Scale build up also damages dishwashers and steamers increasing downtime for maintenance and reducing their operating life significantly. Just 1mm of scale on the inside of pipes, steamers and dishwashers can increase you energy bill by 7%.

If you source your water from the town mains it can often vary in taste. You may also need to think about improving the consistency of the taste of your water through our advanced filtering systems. We can bring our extensive experience improving taste in the food and beverage industry to your restaurant. Whether you are a fine dining restaurant, a gastro pub or a college canteen, call our team to help reduce your operating costs and improve your bottom line.

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