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Culligan UK support a wide range of marine operations including providing effective water treatment for cruise liners. Culligan water treatment systems are operating on many of the most prestigious cruise liners across the world. Our track record of over 20 years ensures we can supply and install effective water treatment that meets international standards. A ship of 2200 passengers and 900 crew will use about 800-1000 metric tons (200,000-260,000 gallons) of water per day, so cost effective advanced water treatment is essential. Culligan UK provides a range of technologies from reverse osmosis, for desalination, through to UV treatment for disinfection for water you bunker in port. We also support treatment of water generated through steam desalination at sea. Our UV treatment systems effectively treats microbes reducing the need for chlorine and eliminating odours and chemical tastes. The units are low maintenance and have low operating costs. Our water softening systems ensure that bunkered water from hard water sources prevent scale and keep passengers enjoying the luxury of soft water in their cabins and throughout the leisure facilities and spas on board.

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