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We have extensive experience delivering savings to manufacturing industry through helping reduce water costs and minimising production costs by keeping heating and steam production equipment running more efficiently with less maintenance.

If you are operating your business from a town water supply, it may not only be expensive, but also less secure than you think. In a water shortage legislative pressures dictate that priority of supply will be given to hospitals and vulnerable citizens. That’s why forward thinking businesses protect themselves with water supplies from other sources such as boreholes and local rivers. Not only is this source less expensive long term, it secures your water supply and with our help gives you total control over its quality.

Manufacturing Industry has been turning to Culligan, not only in the UK, but across the globe, to deliver the quality of water it needs from secure sources. We tailor systems to ensure the water meets your specific needs from ensuring you can produce superheated high pressure steam without boilers scaling up to getting the taste right when being used in food and drink production. This includes removing suspended solids, organics and heavy metals and other impurities, together with disinfection to kill and remove bacteria, algae and fungi. We are also talented at removing Arsenic and Uranium, found commonly in UK mining areas.

We can build tailored treatment systems cost-effectively to deliver you a rapid return on investment. Talk to us about how you can secure your water supply and make considerable savings on your manufacturing costs through water treatment. Our tailored systems help companies in hard water areas make considerable savings by reducing maintenance and operating costs. Just 1mm scale in your system can increase your energy bills by 7% and reduce the life expectancy of your boilers and piping.