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Culligan UK are skilled at provision and installation of dedicated water treatment systems for commercial buildings. Treating water in offices, data centres, schools, hospitals, universities and even student accommodation, Culligan UK are specialists providing cost-effective reliable systems. For new buildings we can work with consultants to ensure the right system is specified. We also work closely with mechanical and electrical contractors to help them incorporate the most cost-effective water treatment systems that work reliably and efficiently with low whole life costs. Whether our equipment has been specified or not we are able to work with you to ensure the water treatment system you install meets requirements and delivers good margins. Our systems are comprehensive with a tradition of providing total solutions from filtration systems and reverse osmosis for treating off-mains water through to softeners for reducing scale and minimising maintenance and disinfection systems for potable water supply. We don’t just supply new build either. If you need water treatment fitted to your current building or professional expertise to get your old system running more effectively we can do that too. Our installers and service technicians are the best in the business.


Medical and Healthcare Water Treatment Solutions

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