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Dynamic Separators

Dynamic separators are filters designed to remove suspended solids from water. They can remove 98% of all particles that are larger than 80 microns and have a specific weight greater than 1 kg/dm³.

A dynamic separator does not need an external power source because it uses the energy of the flowing water to separate the suspended solids from the water. The shape of the unit encourages the water flow to create hydrodynamic forces that encourage solids in the water body to move at different speeds and separate out.

Because the unit achieves this without any mechanical moving parts,  the cost of operation and maintenance is reduced significantly.

Culligan DSA range of Dynamic Separators

Our DSA filter is constructed to optimise the flow of water through it maximising the separation of solids in the water column by their specific gravity. Water enters the dynamic separator in a configuration that causes it to spin creating an optimal centrifugal effect that creates sufficient difference between the specific gravity of the water  and the solid particles within the water column for them to separate out under gravity. Particles separate out into the lower part of the unit where they can be removed.

It is important that his unit is sized correctly for your application to maximise its operational efficiency. If the unit is over-sized the velocity of the water is reduced and this impacts on the centrifugal effect.

Two separators can also be fitted in series or water recirculated to increase separation efficiency. Our separators are commonly used to remove sand and other particles from alternative water sources and also to protect downstream equipment such as heat-exchangers.

Our DSA range of separators bring a cost-effective way to remove particles without the need for filter media or power consumption.