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Water Treatment Filter Systems UK | Commercial & Industrial

Culligan has one of the widest range of filtration technologies available on the market. Our self-cleaning filters are specified extensively to protect sensitive equipment equipment from suspended solids in the water. Available with a semi-automatic or fully automatic back wash system they save money by eliminating the need for expensive replacement cartridges.

Our cartridge systems provide cost-effective versatile tailored solutions delivering micro-filtration for low flow applications. Choose from our modular system, with multiple configurations for your application, to higher flow stainless steel systems with rapid access for cartridge replacement.

Designed to treat closed circuit heating and cooling systems cost-effectively, our side stream filters are self-contained and operate with no water and chemical loss. With 6 models in the range, each optimised to remove solids and sludge at different flow rates, we have a side stream filter for your application.

Manufactured in-house with a patented range of high performing media, Culligan’s media filters have a reputation worldwide for treating water effectively and reliably across manufacturing and process industries. A small footprint, low operating costs, longevity and high quality construction are just a few of the reasons industry specifies our media filters time and time again.

Our range of dynamic separators remove suspended solids from water with no mechanical moving parts eliminating operating costs. A versatile modular design allows filters to be installed in a range of configurations to protect expensive downstream treatment systems. They are fitted as standard to all our side stream filters.

All our filters are available as stand-alone units or as part of an integrated system. Learn more about our range of filter technology: