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Culligan SW RO – Sea Water Desalination Reverse Osmosis

Flow rates up to 60 m3/hr on standard range (flow rates >60m3/hr available on request)

Culligan’s Seawater reverse osmosis (SW) series offers a cost effective and reliable solution for customers in water-scarce regions. The desalination units are suitable to treat water with a salinity of up to 45,000 ppm up to a flow rate of 60 m3/hr on standard range (plants with larger flow rates available on request). SW reverse osmosis units are modular and can be easily connected to manage larger flows as required. They are manufactured from materials that are suitable for treating high salinity waters. The duplex 2205 high pressure pipework is also corrosion resistance.

Units are skid mounted for ease of installation, and thanks to Culligan’s modular standard designs you are assured fastest possible delivery times.