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Culligan MFP – Reverse Osmosis (RO) for Medium Flow Rates

Flow rate 0.4 – 3.6 m3/hr

Using the highest quality components and construction methods, the MFP reverse osmosis unit is ideal for producing high quality drinking water and high quality feed water for industrial processes in any location.

The system has a small footprint thanks to its modular and compact design. Our MFP unit has a well established reputation for being reliable and robust. The MFP RO is mounted within a steel frame with no welded parts, guaranteed against corrosion. The system is controlled via an electronic control panel which monitors all operating conditions and displays flow, conductivity and other operating parameters.

It is available in two versions; with either an electro-mechanical control panel or an electronic control panel. Both versions feature conductivity and flow rate meters.

The MFP reverse osmosis unit is also designed for easy connection to an external system for flushing and automatic disinfection of the osmotic modules.