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Culligan IWEvo Range Of Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Units

Flow rate 5 – 40 m3/hr on standard range (flow rates >40m3/hr available on request)

The CulliganIW Evo Brackish Reverse Osmosis series has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial and municipal applications.

Available in 7 models covering flow requirements of 5 to 40m3/hr (22 to 176 GPM) and capable of treating salinities up to 3000ppm of TDS.

Using an innovative modular and standardised design Culligan is able to offer the highest quality construction, fast delivery times and competitive pricing.

Units come skid mounted for fast and easy installation and can be fully configured using a wide range of optional accessories.

Using the latest reverse osmosis membrane technology over 99% of contaminants such as dissolved minerals, bacteria, particles, and other impurities are removed. This system produces high quality pure water economically  that is suitable for exacting usages such as boiler feed water from alternative brackish water sources to mains supply.

A complete range of pre-engineered options can be selected and added to the entry level IW Evo unit allowing you to quickly specify the unit that meets your specific needs. Some of the most popular options include: an additional pre-filtration 20 micron cartridge-filtration unit for poor quality influents; an integrated flushing tanks to extend the life of the membranes and an integrated anti-scalant dosing system that prevents membrane scaling.

We manufacture this system, test it thoroughly and ensure it is fully CE compliant.