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Culligan G1 Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Flow rate 0.04 – 0.35 m3/hr

The G1 RO is a compact RO system designed for high-performance commercial and light industrial applications.

When you need sophisticated levels of control from a reverse Osmosis unit this system delivers. It’s equipped with a host of quality features including digital flow meter for product-discharge, advanced pressure control, online instrumentation for produced water quality and recovery ratios and high efficiency reverse osmosis membranes. The unit’s smart controller monitors the system providing full text display in 4 languages and variety of flushing modes to suit your application. The smart controller also allows modular configuration of the units into two pass and alternating configuration. Remote monitoring, telemetry and simple connection to building management systems networks or PLC’s is easy with this unit.

The G1 RO is the perfect choice for commercial applications which require high levels of technology, monitoring and reliability.

When you install a G1 Reverse Osmosis system, you combine cost-effective system configuration, cost-minimizing operations, and reduced post-treatment costs. The G1 Reverse Osmosis system helps you reduce maintenance costs by reducing contaminants from your water that affect taste and clog equipment. You can control your installation costs by using a system configured for your unique needs. Keep your operating costs low by monitoring and changing the G1 RO settings with an easy-to-use electronic controller.

The G1 RO is part of the Culligan® Commercial and Industrial Solutions that combine durable and efficient equipment, systems experience, and technical experts who understand your unique requirements. From planning your system to installing your water treatment equipment, Culligan® Commercial and Industrial Solutions offer options that help deliver the quality of water to meet your needs including sophisticated remote monitoring and telemetry options.