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Culligan E1 Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Flow rate 0.04 – 0.35 m3/hr

The E1 Reverse Osmosis System is an economical water treatment solution, which reduces operating and post treatment costs. The E1 Reverse Osmosis system helps you reduce maintenance costs by reducing contaminants from your water that affect taste and can clog equipment. Control your installation costs by using a system configured for your unique needs. Keep your operating costs low with an easy-to-use electronic controller.

This versatile Reverse Osmosis unit can been used in a wide variety of  applications. These include preventing scale from: ice producing equipment and drinking water systems without affecting the taste; Steam production including boilers; humidifiers; misters. It is also used for pre-treatment of high purity systems helping to reduce the regeneration requirements and associated costs. The unit has also been used to reclaim and recycle water as well as providing spot free rinsing for cutlery and glasses in restaurants, cafes, pubs and wine bars.

The E1 comes with a host of high quality standard features including: a wall mounted design; robust inlet solenoid valve; pre-treatment sediment filter; concentrate and recirculation throttling valves; pressure indicators and FRP membrane housings. All are controlled by the Culligan® CP+ Control Panel with: the ability to monitor and adjust
level control input; pre-treatment lockout; startup flush/timed flush; low pressure auto-restart and indicator lights.

This versatile Reverse Osmosis unit can be customised to your application with a range of optional features and accessories. These include: multi-stage pre-treatment filters; storage tanks; level controls; chemical feed pumps; ultraviolet sterilization; pressurized storage system; floor stand; global power platform and auto shut down on high product TDS.