What is “Physical Conditioning”?

Physical water conditioners are small and simple devices that are designed to reduce, prevent, or remove the formation of hard (lime) scale in areas supplied with hard water. These devices are easy to install and are typically plumbed in to the water pipe close to the point of entry into a property.

The main benefit of using a physical water conditioner is the reduction or removal of hard water scale, which can cause a variety of problems in a property, such as reducing the effectiveness of soap and leaving behind unsightly and difficult-to-clean mineral deposits. With a physical water conditioner, you can enjoy the benefits of soft water without the drawbacks of hard water.


Culligan Clearscale Water Conditioners do not use chemicals or salt, making them the most environmentally friendly way to reduce hardness scaling issues.

These water conditioners do not require power to operate, which means they do not require expensive maintenance contracts or servicing. This reduces the need for engineer callouts and helps to reduce Culligan’s overall carbon footprint.

Culligan Clearscale Water Conditioners are typically smaller and more compact than ion-exchange water softeners, making them easy to install and maintain. Plus, they do not produce wastewater, as they do not require regular regeneration like ion-exchange water softeners. This helps to conserve water and reduce water waste overall for your property, further reducing Culligan’s overall impact on the environment.


Don’t let hard water scale get in the way of enjoying clean, soft water. Choose Culligan and get the best water treatment solutions for your business.

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Why chose our “ClearScale” range of water conditioners?


  • Permanent magnetic field
  • No electrical supply
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • WRAS approved
  • No moving parts
  • Two synergistic conditioning methods
  • Turbulent flow resistant
  • No BMS required


  • Consistant conditioning
  • Constantly operational
  • Ease of installation
  • Meets water supply regulations
  • No need for commissioning or servicing
  • Superior water conditioning
  • Can be installed before or after a pump booster set
  • No electrical requirements

Our “Clearscale” range of water conditioners use a combination of both magnetic and catalytic treatment systems, in a single compact stainless steel housing, providing the most complete reaction available for calcium carbonate treatment.

The two stage commercial and industrial physical water conditioning system, is suitable for treating potable domestic hot & cold water services. Through vigerous testing, the surface contact treatment method is proven to create the most complete chemical reaction with CaC03.

Our water conditioners can be installed in isolated areas and either vertically or horizontally, treating high flow rates with no dramatic effect on pressure losses.

The Clearscale range requires no electrical connections or power requirements ensuring a cost saving to our customers. The units will not require commissioning or any maintenance plan.

They have been designed with no moving mechanical parts, meaning that they aren’t subject to breaking down and our 10 year guarantee means our users can expect many years of conditioning in their systems.

As there is no power, moving parts or external influences, there is nothing to cause the unit to fail. This means that the unit does not need to be connected to a BMS system. There is no danger of it going offline. So long as the water is flowing, the unit is working.

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