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RO2 MD BiO THERMO Dialysis Water Treatment

For flows of up to 3200 l/h

The RO2 Thermo is Culligan’s latest medical device certified RO for producing safe high quality water for use in hemodialysis.

In addition to a fail-safe PLC controlled 2-pass RO system the RO2 Thermo also uses an in-built heat sanitization system to disinfect the system.

The innovative sanitizing system of the RO2 MD BiO THERMO uses water heated to 85°C (185° F) to destroy micro-organisms that can grow on surfaces within the treatment system and distribution loop. This greatly reduces or eliminates the need for chemical sanitization saving money and also avoiding the handling and disposal of chemicals.

Sanitisation can be scheduled to automatically operate during times such as during the night when patients are not using the dialysis machines.

Two sanitisation systems are available; in-line and with a storage tank that is capable of sanitising the full system and loop.

Both sanitisation systems connect simply using quick connections to the RO2 Thermo unit for fast and simple installation.