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RO2 MD BiO E Hemodialysis Water Treatment

For flows of up to 3600 l/h

The Culligan R.O.2 Bi-Osmosis is our most technologically advanced dialysis water treatment system ever.

With an intuitive “touch screen” user interface the R.O.2 is not only simple to use but thanks to the multiple fail safe systems within the unit, you can be assured of continuous water supply at all times.

The user can quickly and accurately monitor all key parameters such as water quality, operating pressure, flow rates and water consumption data thanks to advanced instrumentation and easy to interpret flow chart based displays together with powerful graphical trending tools.

Safety is ensured thanks to Culligan’s Bi-Osmosis system which ensures that in the unlikely event of a problem with one of the Reverse Osmosis systems the other will continue to run providing high quality safe water at all times.

As well as safety and reliability the Culligan R.O.2 haemodialysis water treatment system has been designed to minimize water consumption and be as energy efficient as possible, helping you to save money and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

Pre-treatment is provided external to the unit using the latest Culligan HE (High Efficiency) range of filters and softeners.