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Businesses that consider their water supply and quality to be critical are turning to alternative sources. Streams, rivers, groundwater and the sea all offer tantalising cost-saving options and water security when accessed and treated correctly. An effective water treatment system will deliver the water quality required. We can analyse your water, discuss quantities of water you require, understand your water use and tailor a cost-effective solution. This can include filtration, disinfection and softening, depending on the water source and its use.

Surface water will contain suspended and colloidal solids. Dust dirt, and decayed vegetation are just some of the common materials. Removing solids protects downstream processes, eliminating expensive downtime. Physical separation with an ultrafiltration polishing stage is often the most cost effective treatment to remove solids from the water.

While groundwater is unlikely to contain solids, it may be contaminated with naturally occurring elements. These include arsenic, radon or uranium, traces of pesticides and other chemicals. Reverse osmosis systems and activated carbon filters provide a cost effective solution to remove these.

Disinfection is an important part of your treatment system. Ultrafiltration, chlorination and UV treatment are all effective technologies for creating potable water. Whether you source your water from boreholes, wells, springs, harvest rainwater or recycle your water we have the tailored disinfection systems to reduce your bottom line.