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Water Treatment Products for Industrial, Commercial, Medical and Municipal Applications.

Culligan has over 80 years experience as a global provider of end-to-end water treatment solutions for a variety of industries. Culligan’s revolutionary, modular designs makes them some of the fastest complete systems to market and are completely customizable to your needs. This modularity optimizes capital expenditures whilst ensuring the best levels of treatment for your water.

Culligan Water Treatment Technologies include:

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Water Filtration

Self-cleaning filters

Self-cleaning filters remove suspended solids from water without replacing filter cartridges. Available in fully automatic or semi-automatic versions with different capacities and filtration levels.


Mechanical filters are a highly flexible, versatile and economical solution for addressing small scale water filtration problems. Most commonly used as a barrier against suspended solids for protecting sensitive equipment

Side Stream Filters

Culligan Side Stream filters are self contained units with an integral pump designed to treat closed circuit heating and cooling systems. The units operate with zero water and chemical loss from the closed system.

Media Filters for Commercial Applications

Suited for light commercial applications and pre-treatment for softeners and boilers up to 8m3/hr, Culligan’s commercial filters are designed to reduce turbidity from water, adsorb odors, neutralize acidity and reduce heavy metals.

Media Filters for Industrial & Municipal

Fully automatic heavy duty pressure filters manufactured entirely by Culligan in our factories from high grade carbon steel, with food-grade epoxy resin internal linings. With a modular design that allows units to be combined for high flows.

Water Softeners for Commercial Applications

The Culligan line of commercial softeners is one of the most complete and advanced available, able to reduce the accumulation of harmful scale caused by water hardness. Available with Progressive Flow, Culligan Smart Controller, Brine Reclaim and Aqua-Sensor® technologies, the Culligan Softener commercial systems are among the most efficient available.

Water Softeners for Industrial Applications

Culligan’s industrial water softeners deliver high-quality soft water for high volume applications (up to 225m3/hr). Softened water reduces the accumulation of harmful scale in equipment caused by iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese ions, without the use of anti-scalant chemicals, resulting in both immediate and long-term energy and cost savings.


Available in 2 models, ClearScale and ClearScale Plus, Culligan UK’s WRAS range of physical water conditioners can prevent or reduce the formation of hard (lime) scale by use of magnetic fields. By using magnetic rather than electromagnetic fields  a power source is not required.

The Clearscale Plus range of physical water conditioners possess a  two stage magnetic and catalytic treatment system.

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a process of separation under pressure, able to separate insoluble particles form the water.

Ultrafiltration systems are ideal for Ground water and surface water treatment, as well as Seawater desalination pretreatment applications.

Culligan uses robust outside-in PVDF fiber technology hollow fiber membranes benefit that provide high clean-ability, low chemical consumption, high recovery, and a superior combination of mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

Reverse Osmosis

IW Evo: Brackish Water RO

For flows up to 40m3/h

The IW Evo RO series from Culligan is designed to meet your most demanding and exacting commercial, industrial and municipal water requirements.

With a modular design, & using the latest in low pressure, high efficiency membranes these skid mounted reverse osmosis models provide the lowest possible operating costs whilst producing reliable high-quality RO water

SW Evo: Sea Water RO

For flows up to 40m3/hr.

Designed specifically for the desalination of sea water, the Culligan SW Reverse Osmosis unit is able to treat water with up to 42,000 ppm of salinity.

The unit is manufactured using fully corrosion resistant materials such as duplex stainless steel and is skid mounted to allow ease of installation either on or offshore.

E/M/G 1 Series RO

For flows up to 350 L/hr the 1 Series RO is an ideal reverse osmosis unit for commercial and lower flow applications. Available in three different feature levels (E/M/G) the 1 series RO offers a full range of features and benefits from the economical E1 RO model to the premium features found in the G1 RO


Installed throughout the world, the versatile MFP RO unit is capable of treating flows up to 3600 L/hr. The compact vertical steel framed unit has a modular design, premium quality components, and the latest technology. The MFP offers the ideal mix of flexibility, reliability and robustness

Deionization – Ion Exchange Water Treatment Systems

Continuous Electro-deionization (CEDI)

CEDI process reduces ions from water using electricity, resin and membranes, decreasing the need for chemicals. CEDI is used as a polishing process to further deionise Reverse Osmosis permeate to multi megaohm-cm quality water. Models are available for up to 13m3/hr flow rate.

Automatic Deionization

Fully automated demineralisation units designed for flows up to 40m3/hr. Choose from a flexible configuration of weak base or strong base resin tanks. Deyolit series deionizers are equiped with a control system designed to monitor the process & automatically initiate regeneration when water quality deteriorates to a pre-determined limit.

Portable Exchange Deionizers (PEDI)

For installations where regeneration systems are not appropriate, replaceable portable exchange deionisers (PEDI) are an great solution. Suitable for a wide range of flow rates (up to 500 L/hr), Culligan PEDI systems reduce both positively and negatively charged ions from water by means of ion exchange resins. When your PEDI tanks are exhausted, a Culligan service technician can replace your ion exchange tanks at your convenience. This type of system can reduce capital costs as well as handling of regenerate chemicals such as caustic and acids.

Disinfection & UV Systems

Instrumentation & Control Systems

Culligan can provide a wide range of disinfection solutions including:

  • Chlorine Disinfection (Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorine & Chem Oxide)
  • UV Sterilisation
  • Ozone
  • pH Meters
  • REDOX Meters
  • Chlorine Meters
  • Hardness Meters
  • Conductivity Meters
  • Turbidity Meters
  • Dosage Monitoring
  • Blowdown Control

Mobile & Containerised Water Treatment Systems

Mobile & Containerised Treatment

Thanks to the compact nature of the Culligan water treatment technology (pressure filtration, softening, reverse osmosis etc) Culligan have pioneered containerising water treatment systems to allow for rapid deployment, installation, and mobility.

Ideal for remote or temporary locations such as construction camps or remote communities, these units are designed to operate in extremes of temperature and provide full potabilisation of water from a wide variety of feed sources such as wells, sea water, and river water.